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Genuine Origin Joins Artisan Plus Inventory Management Integration

Artisan roasting

A coffee roaster using Artisan coffee roasting software. Images courtesy of Genuine Origin.

United States-based green coffee supplier Genuine Origin has joined a small network green coffee suppliers in North America whose coffees are integrated with the inventory management service Artisan Plus (styled as

The arrangement gives Artisan Plus users discounts on some GO coffee offerings, while helping to streamline inventory management for home roasters and commercial roasters alike.

“To remove our customers pain point of having to enter green coffee data manually for each purchase, we decided to link our platform directly to the systems of leading green bean importers,” Artisan Plus founder Marko Luther said in an announcement of the partnership released by GO. “In Genuine Origin we found an innovative partner operating a modern data infrastructure that already met our technical requirements. Together, we could quickly establish the missing link to the benefit of all of our customers.”

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Luther also leads the maintenance of Artisan’s free, open-source roast curve monitoring software, known simply as Artisan, which has been used by thousands of home and professional roasters since it launched in 2010.

Artisan Plus, which was launched as a complementary product in 2019, requires a paid subscription (€49, approximately US$55 annually for the home roaster package; or €149, approximately $168 annually for the professional package). Artisan Plus does offer a three-month free trial, plus discount coupons for coffees sold through its partner suppliers, which currently include Genuine Origin, Royal Coffee and Showroom Coffee.

“We developed the platform to be able to keep the free open-source Artisan roast logging software going,” Luther told DCN via email. “We are not there yet, but with some more subscribers we might reach a point where this all gets sustainable.”

Artisan Genuine Origin

Artisan Plus integrating with Genuine Origin coffee inventory.

Genuine Origin Director of Marketing Rob Sulkow told DCN that the partnership with Artisan Plus made sense given both organizations’ shared goals to promote and enhance the experience of specialty coffee roasting.

“Part of GO’s mission is to simplify and make green coffee more accessible,” Sulkow said. “Taking some pain out of inventory tracking/management through data standardization falls under that mission.”

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