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Brew Bomb Adds to Cold Drink Explosion with New Dispenser and BIB Adapter

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All images courtesy of Brew Bomb.

Cold brew coffee equipment company Brew Bomb is hoping to ignite the cold espresso-based drink category with what it calls Espresso Replacement Concentrate (ERC).

Brewed through Brew Bomb’s existing ACE Brewer systems, the ERC product is pitched as an alternative to traditional hot espresso for use in cold drinks in commercial settings. A Brew Bomb system can generate 180 shots worth of the concentrate per 1-hour brew cycle, according to the company.

The product push notably follows the April release of Coldstretto by New Jersey-based manufacturer BKON. While appealing to different commercial audiences, both products present reinterpretations of traditional coffee concentrates, specifically as espresso alternatives.

Bib Adapter 1

The BIB adapter kit.

To support its ERC concentrate product, Brew Bomb recently rolled out a bag-in-box (BIB) adapter kit for its single-shop-focused Ace brewer, as well as a counter-mounted quick-dose dispenser for the ERC. The BIB conversion kit is selling for $129, while the dispenser kit, which includes the conversion kit, is selling for $995.

The electronics-free quick-dose dispenser includes a manually operated volumetric pump and a slim metal spout that curves over a drip tray platform.

“This ERC product, paired with the Quick Dose dispenser, is spot-on for delivering the correct coffee dose for any beverage where coffee is but an ingredient,” Raymond Buerger, founder and CEO of Brew Bomb Cold Brew Equipment, recently told Daily Coffee News. “This includes the spirits world, restaurants, bakeries, food trucks, mobile kiosks, flea market vendors, and mobile carts. The list is endless.”


The ERC dispenser.

Brew Bomb first unveiled the ERC and dispenser in April of this year, seeking feedback from from attendees of SCA Expo in Portland, Oregon. The Colorado-based company began offering the complete solution on May 1.

“The massive growth of cold coffee beverages converging with technology and convenience has opened the door to innovations which will soon render the coffee industry unrecognizable,” said Buerger. “To some extent, mass produced concentrate will commoditize the industry and make cold coffee look a lot like the soda pop business. But for those who want to differentiate themselves with unique products and who grasp the operational benefits of utilizing Espresso Replacement Concentrate (ERC) in any beverage concoction, Brew Bomb Cold Brew Equipment has an innovative end-to-end solution.”

A complete package — including the Ace Brewer, BIB conversion parts, the BIB system and the quick-dose dispenser system — is selling on the Brew Bomb website for $8,724.

End to End Solution – Shop Image_4.1.1-Edited

A Brew Bomb Ace brewer with the BIB kit and a quick-dose dispenser.

Buerger said the company will also soon roll out cold brewed tea functionality for the Ace Brewer. A new commercial brewing system code-named MOAB (“Mother Of All Brewers”) is also in development.

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