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The Barista League is Coming to These 12 Cities in 2024

Barista League Hamburg

From a 2023 Barista League event in Hamburg. All images courtesy of The Barista League.

Coffee competition series The Barista League has released its 2024 season schedule, including 12 competitions on four continents.

The series kicks off in February in Gothenburg, Sweden, coinciding with the inaugural Nordic Coffee Fest. Both events are produced by the same marketing and coffee events agency, Ordna Event Agency.

In North America, the Barista League currently has an April competition scheduled for Mexico City (Mexico), as well as August competitions scheduled for Denver, Brooklyn (New York) and Montreal (Canada). Last year, the series included stops in Atlanta, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Toronto (Canada) and Mexico City.

Barista League Toronto

2023 Barista League Toronto.

Other Barista League destinations in 2024 include Warsaw (Poland), Berlin (Germany), Barcelona (Spain), Bristol (UK), Dubai (UAE), Seoul (South Korea) and Sydney (Australia).

As in years past, the Barista League competition will remain free for competitors, and it is open to people with any level of coffee experience.

Barista League Oslo

2023 Barista League Oslo.

The competition itself is designed to test the real-world skills of baristas. Since its founding by Steven Maloney in 2015, the spirited competition platform has served as a more locally focused and accessible platform than other national- or international-level formal barista competitions.

“The Barista League aims to level the playing field and in doing so find the best barista team who can make the best-tasting coffee using only the equipment, coffee, and knowledge at their disposal,” the Barista League said in an announcement of the 2024 schedule. “In each competition, teams are tested on real-world barista skills in an exciting drinks challenge and a sensory skills challenge.”

Barista League Atlanta

2023 Barista League Atlanta.

See the complete 2024 Barista League schedule here.

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