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Sanremo Makes Its Move with the D8 Espresso Machine Line

Sanremo D8

The Sanremo D8 machine line made its public display at the HostMilano trade show last October. Daily Coffee News photo by Nick Brown.

Italian coffee equipment brand Sanremo Coffee Machines is making a bold strategic play in the United States and beyond with the launch of Sanremo D8, a versatile new platform of professional single-boiler espresso machines.

Referencing the starting position of the queen in the game of chess, the D8 platform that debuted at the 2023 HostMilano trade show will arrive in the U.S. at the upcoming SCA Expo, April 12-14 in Chicago.

Sales are slated to begin shortly thereafter, with the entry-level price of $7,900 for a two-group machine.

Sanremo D8 espresso 1

All images courtesy of Sanremo unless otherwise noted.

Departing from the types of heat-exchanger systems often found on commercial single-boiler espresso machines, the D8 incorporates a proprietary thermohydraulic system that allows different temperatures to be set at each group while ensuring temperature stability.

Sanremo Coffee Machines Business Development Manager Julio Guevara told DCN that the platform was designed to provide the kind of temperature options and performance found on higher-end machines at a more accessible price point.

Sanremo D8 espresso machine

“If you want to try new recipes, if you want to set different temperatures because you have different coffees that you want to work with, you get that.” Guevara said. “We’re trying to make it accessible for more businesses to get control over those things.”

Users can adjust group temperatures, as well as the temperature in the stainless steel boiler, through a built-in seven-button control panel. Remote access is available through an app or Sanremo’s cloud-based platform.

“We’re delving into IoT benefits and features for these machines,” Guevara said. “We’re trying to make sure that we bring value not only to, of course, the barista and consumers at the endpoint, but also head baristas, managers and business owners that can make business decisions, both internally and externally, as well as with their tech service support, and so on.”

anremo D8 espresso 3

Design is another area of flexibility for the D8 platform. While the machines cut a similar profile to that of Sanremo’s F18 model machine, the D8’s magnetic side panels allow users to swap materials and designs periodically or on the fly.

“This offers something a little more fresh,” said Guevara. “It’s similar to what we have on the You. The magnet makes your machine customizable on a monthly basis, or I can change it each day if I want, and you can play with the colors, and so on.”

anremo D8 espresso 2

Following the Sanremo Expo, Sanremo will show off the D8 machine line at numerous other U.S. coffee events, including the National Restaurant Association Show taking place in  Chicago May 18–21, while rolling out trainings for technicians and service partners nationwide.

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