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New York the New Epicenter of Coffee, Says Joe Founder

joe the art of coffee logoJonathan Rubinstein has gone from being an unemployed talent agent to overseeing one of New York’s — and now Philadelphia’s — most beloved small coffee chains, Joe the Art of Coffee. The company now has nine retail locations, a Joe-branded book and an 1,800-square-foot training lab.

In a recent interview with the New York Daily News, Rubinstein says he’s seen a major shift during his time in the business, one that’s likely to offend many coffee purveyors on the West Coast. Rubinstein told the News:

“When we opened in 2003, we’d have to explain why we didn’t have frappuccinos,” says Rubinstein, whose own tastes run to macchiatos and sweet-toned espresso. “Now, customers know what they want. Expectations are higher. And New York’s become the epicenter of coffee, which is brand-new. It was Seattle, Portland, San Francisco. People are actually moving here for coffee careers. There’s more opportunity, but also real competition for talent.”


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