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Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. Releases Box Set of Costa Rica La Perla Negra and Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea

anodyne coffee la perla negra

photo by Anodyne Coffee

(press release from Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co.)

Milwaukee, WI (November 13, 2013)-Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. will be releasing a box set containing La Perla Negra, a natural processed, organic Costa Rica coffee, and the cascara coffee cherry tea from the same coffee. The set will be released on Friday, November 29th at the Anodyne Walker’s Point Roastery at 224 W. Bruce Street as well as the Anodyne Bayview Café at 2920 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. The set is designed to give customers a unique tasting opportunity; experiencing the roasted coffee seeds and the exterior skin in which the coffee developed and was dried in. A card including manual brewing instructions for both products will also be included.

Processed at the Las Lajas micromill in the Costa Rica Central Valley, La Perla Negra represents the hard work and vision of Doña Francisca and Don Óscar Chacón who process coffee from seven of their family members’ farms. The mill’s commitment to the environment and sustainability is equally matched by their technical skills and dedication to quality. Brix measurements are taken of delivered cherry in order to determine the cherry’s sugar content. The measurement is used in various other industries including viticulture and brewing but proves equally important for coffee. Vermiculture is employed to help recycle coffee pulp waste. Organic fertilizers and sunscreens are also used to protect and nourish coffee trees. Meticulously dried with three different methods—raised beds, shaded patio, and on pallets—La Perla Negra has notes of grape soda, toffee sweetness, caramels and lime zest along with a rich, thick body and juicy texture.

The La Perla Negra Cascara consists of the dried coffee skin which is removed following the drying process. Steeped in hot water or left to diffuse in cold water overnight, the cascara is reminiscent of sweet tea with notes of honey, a smooth viscosity, and rich fruit tones making this a wonderful digestif. “Cascara has long been a favorite of mine,” says Head Roaster and Green Buyer Andy Helmkamp. “While visiting Las Lajas last winter we had the opportunity to not only cup some freshly processed coffees but then finish the session with cascara. It’s a nose-to-tail experience you seldom come across when it comes to coffee.” According to Wholesale Director Steve Kessler, “We wanted to provide Milwaukee with a unique sensory experience utilizing both the coffee cherry and the coffee seed.”


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