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Coffee and Health: Just Point to this Infographic

A daily consumable, coffee has long been a darling of the medical science community and the mainstream media. We see stories and studies on coffee’s effects on mental and physical health on a daily basis, and now it seems we’ve reached a kind of boiling point at which consumers are asking, “Is coffee saving my life or is it killing me?” To most people, the question may be irrelevant (what is life without coffee?), but here we present a handy infographic, should a customer or loved one come to you for answers.

Designed by Jason Tham, the infographic presents information from sources including the SCAA and the Harvard School of Public Health in two columns: pros (the good angel), and cons (the bad angel wing). It is worth noting that the benefits of coffee consumption, such as reduced risk of strokes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, far outweigh the negatives, which include minor inconveniences such as staining of the teeth and sleep disruption. So put this on the wall of your retail space or roastery and let it settle the question once and forever.

pros and cons of coffee consumption




Infographics: made by people who prefer to be entertained rather than informed, and made for people who prefer to be entertained rather than informed.


Thumbs up for that infographic! Antioxidant activity is greatly affected by the coffee’s method of preparation. When coffee is roasted, it contains a larger amount of antioxidants compared to non-roasted coffee, and thus gives you more health benefits. I got a chance to read more on antioxidants in coffee .

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