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Hilo Coffee Mill Up For Grabs on Hawaii’s Big Island for Nearly $1.5 Million

hawaii hilo coffee mill

A view of the greenhouse, warehouses and solar-topped shelter

Business partners who have spent more than a decade developing a 23-acre (9.5 hectares) property in Mountain View on the island of Hawaii into a full-scale coffee growing, production, roasting and retail operation have decided to sell.

Katherine Patton Jeanette Baysa have listed Hilo Coffee Mill, located on Volcano Road, with Hilo Brokers for just shy of $1.5 million. They hope to sell the farm and associated facilities in a “turn-key” deal, offering transitional help for buyers interested in continuing the farm-to-cup operation.

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“We’d like to pursue other passions, like retirement,” says Baysa. “The last 13 years have passed by so quickly, we barely even noticed.”

production roasters hilo coffee

The roasters

Patton and Baysa estimate that there are currently 6,000 productive coffee trees on the farm, along with other crops such as pineapple, tea and cacao. A large flock of chickens supplies eggs and fertilizer.

The facility comes equipped with a fully certified kitchen and espresso bar, two production coffee roasters, packaging equipment, as well as office equipment and software.

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Agricultural operations are supported by a large warehouse with forklift, a drying shed , a double pulper and farm equipment such as mowers and tractors, while a large greenhouse provides protected growing conditions for vegetables. A huge solar array sits atop a weather shelter, which the owners say can be used to host farmers markets.

The retail bar

The retail bar


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