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Must-See Video: GoPro Cameras Inside a Commercial Drum Roaster

Using GoPro and Canon DSLR cameras, Hungarian roaster Laczkó Gábor has given us an extraordinary view into the mechanisms of a commercial coffee roaster.

The video, “Roasted,” was shot by Attila Zérczi and takes place inside and around Gábor’s Probat roaster at his Kávékalmár Kft micro roastery, capturing the actual roasting process from unpacking green beans to packaging the finished product. But the quite literally dizzying moments take place inside the drum chamber, where GoPros are bouncing around with the coffee. Take the ride here:

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Jose del Bosque

Wow!! they really nailed it! Amazing images of what many of us have been doing for years but have just been shown to our eyes! 🙂


Gabor Laczko

Sorry for my late reply Rich. You will find the secrets about filming roasted on my facebook page :-).

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