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Coffee Reserve Brands Reorganizes, Rebrands as Cult Coffee Roaster

The Cult Coffee Roaster logo.

The Cult Coffee Roaster logo.

The 19-year-old Phoenix, Az.-based wholesale roastery Coffee Reserve Brands has officially rebranded to become Cult Coffee Roaster. It’s actually a bit of re-rebranding, as the company reintroduced itself briefly in 2015 as Crescendo Coffee & Tea.

Under the new Cult name, Hans Schatz has been promoted to President and CEO. Coffee Reserve Brands Founder Rick Grayson, who came to the coffee business after selling a telecommunications company in 1993 and then enlisted the help of coffee experts John Gozbekian and current Specialty Coffee of Association of America Executive Director Ric Rhinehart to get the coffee business off the ground in 1997, has stepped into the position of chairman. Gozbekian has remained with the company in various capacities since, currently serving as VP of Innovation.

The organizational restructuring and rebranding were designed “to better embody who we are and where we are going,” Schatz said in an announcement of the changes.

Sample roasters. Cult Coffee Roaster photo.

Sample roasters. Cult Coffee Roaster photo.

A major focus for the company currently is its Brow Lifter nitro coffee product, which has been picked up by a number of high-profile Phoenix-area food-and-drink establishments since its introduction last year. “Nitro coffee is amazing and our Brow Lifter product is so creamy and smooth it is creating evangelists for the brand everywhere it is served,” Schatz proclaimed.

In addition to nitro, the company continues to offer its full line of roasted coffees and custom roasting services for a number of wholesale client types, along with lines of botanicals, concentrates and teas.


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