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Mahlkonig Gets Shorter and Smarter with EK43 S and K30 2.0

The K30 Twin 2.0. All images courtesy of Mahlkonig.

Coffee grinder manufacturer Mahlkonig has responded to popular demand this year with multiple new designs revealed at the recent HOST Milano show.

The K30 line, including the K30 and the K30 Twin, has been brought up to date with touchscreen interfaces. The ubiquitous EK43, meanwhile, has been given a littler counterpart, the EK43 S. The S grinder stands just 68 centimeters tall, which is substantially shorter than the 77-cm classic EK43. And with its slimmer, 800-gram-capacity hopper, it aims to cut a more small-bar-appropriate profile than its towering bulk-oriented predecessor.

mahlkonig ek43 s

The Mahlkonig EK43 S

These things tend to come in pairs from Mahlkonig. It was two years ago at HOST Milan that the company rolled out its EK43 Barista model and launched the Peak grinder. This year, the digital precision and convenience of the Peak and the Twin Peak’s touchscreen interface are essentially ported to the new K30 2.0 line, while the EK43 continues to embrace its single-cup grinding reputation with a form factor friendlier to the task.

The K30 2.0, K30 Twin 2.0 and K30 Twin Hybrid 2.0 all include multi-touch display screens, through which users can adjust grind settings, set a grinding timer or optionally connect the grinder to the Internet of Things via WiFi or Bluetooth. Various sizes of hoppers are available, as are portafilter holders angled to accommodate a selection of existing machines.

mahlkonig k30 2.0

Mahlkonig K30 2.0

The EK43 S will begin shipping to buyers in Europe in January of 2018 and will carry a price tag of €2,250 ($2642 USD). The K30 2.0 line will range in price from €2,590 to €3,690 and will being shipping to Asia and the U.S. in April 2018. In both cases, additional regions will at first be handled by request until distribution follows over the course of the year.


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