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Created Co. Rebrands, Launches Three New Ceramics Lines for Specialty Cafes

Created Co. founders Ryan Schneider and Jeremy Moss. All images courtesy of Created Co.

The field of U.S.-born ceramic wares tailored specifically to the specialty coffee industry is a relatively small one, and this month it grew significantly by one: Los Angeles-based Created Co., which previously specialized in wholesale hospitality ceramic branding and supply, has launched three lines of ceramic wares for retail cafes.

Created Co.’s Angle line.

Created Co. has named its new collections Curve, Angle and Drip, each offering its own aesthetic and functional properties. The Angle and Curve sets include 3-ounce espresso, 6-ounce cappuccino and 12-ounce latte cups, each with saucers, as well as a 12-ounce drip coffee mug. The Drip line includes three styles of 12-ounce and one 16-ounce mug. All three collections are offered in white, grey, or black, with logo customizations available.

The Created Co. Curve line.

Often unsung pillars in cafe operations, ceramics are crucial tools in the delivery and enjoyment of a coffee shop’s core products, as well as in a cafe’s overall aesthetic. For the new line, Created Co. co-founders Jeremy Ross and Ryan Schneider consulted with baristas as well as designers and ceramicists to further build upon knowledge from their own backgrounds in hospitality to come up with a durable, high-quality selection of different style and functionality options.

12-ounce Crescent mug in the Drip collection.

All cups are made in China with heavy, high-grade porcelain for a sturdy presence in the hand, and for heat retention and durability. Interior geometry of cups for milk drinks took into consideration how well they accommodate the flow of milk for latte art, while Created’s new latte cups are also specifically designed for ease in lifting and carrying.

“Traditionally when you’re picking up a latte cup from the bar, they’re difficult to carry,” Schneider told Daily Coffee News. “We made them in a way where they’re much easier. We made them a little bit larger and we made the footing a little bit higher so you can fit a whole finger underneath.”

The Curve cappuccino cup

The Curve line espresso cup, for example, fits a finger through the handle, whereas the Angle espresso cup is a pinch-style handle. Said Schneider, “A lot of people have different opinions on what they like, whether they like a pinch or if they don’t like a pinch.”

The Angle saucer is also a flatter surface than the upward-flaring Curve saucer, offering sleekness that also better highlights a café’s brand or logo artwork, should they want to get creative with their saucers.

Angle cappuccino cup.

It’s the spirit of creativity that ultimately drives the newly refreshed brand Created Co. — formerly “The Created Co.” — as it hopes to make specialty coffee its home while targeting its in-house mug customization services to similarly creative brands in other industries.

“Mugs are our product, but really the heart of our brand is to be for those that are creating things, creating art or music or whatever it is,” said Schneider. “We want to be a brand that gets behind them and supports them and empowers them.”

From the Curve line.


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