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The Right Roast Combines Coffee and Video Content in New Subscription Service

First Edition of The Right Roast Taster Set

First Edition of The Right Roast Taster Set. Photo courtesy of The Right Roast.

Creating compelling content is much like crafting (and selling) great coffee, requiring attention to detail, dedication to quality, a touch of savvy marketing, and ultimately an audience that decides whether or not to return for more.

London-based The Right Roast is bringing coffee and content together with the Taster Set, a subscription service launched earlier this year, pairing videos with carefully selected samples of specialty coffee.

“These videos will both inform and guide you through the Taster Set experience — including interviews with key people behind each coffee and tips to making a better brew — exclusively for the subscriber,” Tim Rogg, founder of The Right Roast, told Daily Coffee News. “We at The Right Roast take great pride in making top quality videos.”

With a background in TV, film, and advertising, Rogg has a passion for cinema and music. He and his wife Aiko Yanagida, a freelance photographer and former magazine editor, have been creating unique and informative videos about coffee since 2014, focusing on the brands and people at the cutting edge of the industry. Their passion for promoting great coffee to the world spurred them to launch a new coffee subscription service to compliment the content they were already producing.

“We have built up a reputation over the last four years for finding outstanding coffee, but we know that even when people purchase coffee from a subscription service they may not like what they’ve ordered,” Rogg said. “With The Taster Set, customers will get the perfect amount of coffee to try — and if you like any of the coffees, we offer a discount code for you to get more of the ones you like. Essentially we are a ‘try-before-you-buy’ service.”

Second Edition of The Right Roast Taster Set. Photo courtesy of The Right Roast.

Each edition of The Right Roast Taster Set will focus on a different city around the world and includes three different coffees made by three different roasters.

“Once we have chosen which city we are going to, we contact all the coffee roasters there to send us samples,” Rogg said of the selection process. “We then spend a lot of time tasting many different coffees and working out which ones we like best, and which ones will complement others in the Taster Set.”

The Taster Set package contains three 60-gram bags of coffee numbered 01 through 03, each with a different color to make it easier to connect the coffees with their corresponding videos. The package also includes a scorecard with the SCA Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel to help the customer evaluate the attributes they perceive in the coffees.

“Freshness is essential for specialty coffee as well, so we include the roast dates on each of the bags of coffee,” Rogg said. “We receive our order of coffee only a day or two after it has been roasted, and then we pack it all up and ship to our customers the next day.”

For the second edition of The Taster Set, The Right Roast traveled to Berlin and spent three days exploring the city’s specialty coffee scene. The three selected coffees are by The Barn, Fjord Coffee Roasters, and The Visit Coffee Roastery, and each is interestingly from the same origin: Rwanda.


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