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Product Introductions and Upgrades at the 2018 SCA Expo

sca 2018 products

Product intros and upgrades at the 2018 SCA Expo included the public debut of Voga Coffee’s Ground Control Cyclops batch brewer, 133 enhancements to Loring roaster systems and a hands-on look at the Alpha Dominche Flask brewer.

While there are always show-stopping launches and big reveals at the SCA Expo — see our complete 2018 new product review here — there are also plenty of subtler upgrades, tweaks and new iterations to learn more about from booth to booth.

It’s also a point of excitement to finally lay hands and eyes on the equipment that has been announced beforehand and is finally making its public debut, either for the first time in the United States or, in many cases, for the first time ever in public.

Here are some of the most notable public product debuts and/or upgrades from the 2018 SCA Expo:

Ground Control Cyclops

ground control voga cyclops brewer

Daily Coffee News photo/Lily Kubota

Announced back in February, Voga Coffee’s single-group iteration of its Ground Control phased batch brewing system, the Cyclops, greeted the public on showroom floor. It also made an impression on judges in the Best New Product competition, snagging the coveted blue ribbon as Best New Product winner in the Commercial Coffee or Tea Preparation or Serving Equipment category.

The Orphan Espresso Apex Grinder

We reported on this innovative manual grinder earlier in April. The Apex grinder by Orphan Espresso centers on a a set of what’s known as “ghost” burrs, with grinding teeth cast with the burr plate and then machine-sharpened. The device also features a short grind path, novel orientation and 1:4 ratio planetary gearing for ease of use. The units on display at the Expo were the first pre-production models to include the gears. Actual production is expected to begin this summer.


loring roaster

Daily Coffee News photo/Lily Kubota

Efficiency-minded roaster manufacturer Loring used the show as an opportunity to show off some 133 enhancements to its existing core equipment. The most significant new feature is the adjustable arm on the touchscreen enclosure that minimizes glare and allows the screen to be read from different angles in different light conditions. A redesigned cooling tray results in a 15 percent reduction in cooling time, the company said, plus a built in outlet allows roasters to charge their electronics while on a roast. All 133 upgrades are available on Loring’s S15 Falcon, the S35 Kestrel and the S70 Peregrine.



Daily Coffee News photo/Nick Brown

New software was announced for versatile multi-cup automated pourover station the Poursteady. The app through which parameters are set and usage data is retrieved will not only be given a visual overhaul, but will offer important new capabilities especially geared towards users with multiple units, such as those with multiple cafes. Whereas the data and controls related to one machine was only viewable locally to this point, users will soon be able to set parameters and monitor usage on multiple Poursteadies through a single interface, thanks to cloud-enabled accessibility. This will help managers to monitor info pertinent to product popularity, debugging, QC and more. The new app is in beta right now. Poursteady anticipates an official rollout this fall.


bonaverde roast grind brew

Daily Coffee News photo/Howard Bryman

It’s been a long strange trip, but true to its word, the Bonaverde Berlin roast-grind-brew coffee system is ready for prime time. Representatives of the company were present at the Expo with a handful of production-issue Berlin machines on display, and told Daily Coffee News that all units owed to crowdfunding backers and pre-order purchases have now been delivered. The show this year marks the Bonaverde machine’s first appearance to the public as a retail product, available for sale through the company’s website. The associated green coffee sourcing and roast profiling system is still a work in progress.

Alpha Dominche Flask

alpha dominche flask brewer

Daily Coffee News photo/Lily Kubota

Announced earlier this year by the company famous for its Steampunk multi-cup vacuum-principle machine, the Alpha Dominche Flask manual brewer made its first public appearance at the company’s booth for demonstrations. An Indiegogo campaign collecting preorders of the product will be followed by shipments expected later this summer.