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Mahlkönig Unveils E65S GBW and E80 Grinders, Adds Stefanos Domatiotis


The Mahlkönig E65S GBW and E80 Supreme on display. All images courtesy of Mahlkönig, unless otherwise noted.

Two new grinder models recently launched by Mahlkönig, the E65S GBW and the E80 Supreme, are making their way to distributors around the world right now. As part of that sales effort, the brand has also enlisted a new ambassador, 2014 World Brewers Cup Champion Stefanos Domatiotis.

After the charismatic World Coffee Events judge and Gem Series founder worked the Mahlkönig parent company Hemro Group‘s booth at HOST Milan in November last year to help showcase the new grinders, a pact was made to continue the partnership.

“January 2020, we agreed on the strategy, the roadmap and the details and we said, let’s do it! Let’s create together,” Domatiotis told Daily Coffee News. “I am really happy and pleased about this new partnership and I am looking forward to level up the grinding philosophy.”

Stefanos Hemro Group

Stefanos Domatiotis representing Mahlkönig, Ditting and other brands in the Hemro Group. Photo courtesy of Mahlkönig/Hemro Group.

The new Mahlkönig machines slated to be ready for delivery to buyers in the United States this summer are the speedy, big-burred E80 Supreme and a new variation of the E65S that is capable of grinding by weight (GBW).

Both of these new machines, which were simultaneously revealed late last year in Milan, offer Mahlkönig’s new Disc Distance Detection (DDD) technology. The patent-pending system recognizes and monitors the rotational position of adjustment gears in order to calculate and display the physical distance between burrs, enabling more accurate and repeatable fineness settings, according to the company.

Mahlkönig E65S E80

Both also feature adjustable illuminated spouts to help keep the portafilter centered, and an innovative dual-fan system for actively managing internal temperatures to prevent flavor loss in ground coffee due to excessive warmth.

“The grinder recognizes its internal temperature and switches fans on and off accordingly,” Mahlkönig USA Vice President of Marketing and Digital Commerce Marcus Boni told Daily Coffee News. “Compared to other grinders it is far more heat resilient due to two fans, one on top pulling into the motor and one below the motor pulling out.”

Along with these features, the E65S GBW builds upon the E65S with a larger screen and an integrated high-precision load cell underneath the portafilter holder, enabling real-time ground coffee weight monitoring and automatic dosing by weight.


A Maholkönig E80 Supreme.

The E80 Supreme, meanwhile, introduces a huge and currently unique burr set to the Mahlkönig line-up. The flat, steel “supersized” 80-millimeter burrs in the E80 are larger but geometrically identical to the burrs in the Peak, and are spun by a 420-watt motor at 1450 RPM at 50 Hz, for an output of roughly 6-7 grams per second, resulting in double-shots ground in about 2-3 seconds, according to Boni.

Mahlkönig said the E80 also operates quietly and features the same high-resolution 3.5-inch display operated by pushing and turning knobs found throughout the brand’s new generation line of equipment. It also has the capacity to export data such as maintenance info and shot count wirelessly, which Boni said will be tapped in future updates.

“Unfortunately we’ve put a hold on our current app development to focus on bringing these grinders to market first,” said Boni. “App communication is baked in, and we plan to launch an app in the future.”

Mahlkonig grinders

Pricing on both machines is not yet final, according to Boni, who said North, Central and South American markets should see machines heading for buyers in August. Going forward, folks will probably learn more about these and other new Hemro-linked projects in public from Domatiotis.

“I will spend time with the engineering team of the [Hemro] Group to help take new steps in coffee grinding research, focus on product optimizations as well as on the development of new grinder innovations,” said Domatiotis. “I want to co-create with the team. I want to elevate the grinding experience for the customer.”