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Home Coffee Equipment Makers Team Up for BLM Fundraiser, Giveaway

coffee brew kit giveaway

Photo courtesy of Baratza.

Several makers of highly prized home coffee brewing equipment have joined forces for a brew kit giveaway in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Equipment makers Acaia (scales and fine accessories), NotNeutral (coffee-specific vessels and ware), Baratza (20 years of refining the grind) and Espro (insulated French presses and soon more) are all donating gear for gift packages. Packages will also include a free year-long coffee subscription with a roaster (TBD) and a free year-long subscription to Standart magazine.

For their part, Acaia, Baratza and NonNeutral have each also committed to matching up to $5,000 in donations through three separate GoFundMe campaigns tied to the giveaway. Acaia’s campaign is in support of the Minneapolis-based Redeemer Center for Life; Baratza’s campaign is supporting the Montgomery, Alabama-based Equal Justice Initiative; and NotNeutral’s campaign is supporting Oakland-based Color of Change.

To enter the brew kit giveaway, users can simply sign up here, with an option to support the fundraisers. The winning prize package, which can be shipped internationally with some restrictions, will include:




Well…there go the corporate bonuses?
‘Guys. We have to close. Gary won’t buy from us’.
‘Silly nit. He must be saving for a dog whistle’.


…’He must be saving for a dog whistle’.

says the home-schooled twit🙄


The comment from Eric only serves to underscore that open & honest discussion, is only “open & honest”, IF you agree with the dissenters opinion.

As the CEO of a coffee manufacturing concern, taking political stances is a costly proposition. We don’t have the resources of an Amazon or WalMart to absorb the hit if we pick the wrong side. And frankly, the companies named in the article should have done their homework.

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