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Sad Singing Clown Puddles Pity Party Releases Coffee Blend

Puddles Pity Party

Puddles Pity Party. Press photo by Emily Butler.

The sad singing clown with a golden voice Puddles Pity Party is getting into the coffee act. The 6-foot, 8-inch American clown has released the Puddles Pity Party Blend through a collaboration with Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters.

”Oh, hello,” Puddles, who does not speak in person but only sings, said in an announcement of the coffee release. “You guys know how much I love a cuppa coffee. Well, I teamed up with our friends at Batdorf & Bronson coffee roasters to bring to you a coffee blend that will make you cry… with glee!”

Though sad clowns are not traditionally known to have strong singing voices, Puddles Pity Party first gained widespread attention after teaming up with the band Postmodern Jukebox to record the Lorde hit “Royals” in 2013.

Since then, Atlanta-based Puddles has performed at festivals and on tours all over the world, although the hulking harlequin’s performance schedule has been halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The collaboration with the decades-old coffee roasting company — based in Atlanta and Olympia, Washington — resulted in the clown’s ideal profile, which skews dark, according to an announcement from Puddles Pity Party to his fans, known as P3ers.

“Puddles Pity Party won our hearts through his dynamic music and kind spirit long before we connected through coffee,” Batdorf & Bronson Outreach and Customer Support Coordinator Ren Doughty said in the announcement. “Working with Puddles is a unique experience, since it’s all done through a series of pantomimed gestures and intuitive telepathy.”

B&B is selling 12-ounce bags of Puddles Pity Party Blend online for $16 pre-shipping.

Here’s Puddles staring past the camera at two different angles with an automated voiceover, creating the illusion of Puddles having a conversation with himself about coffee:



Patrick Everdell

We love puddles. The Pity Party blend will be given opportunity in this house. Proud to say I am the guy who Puddles flipped off while sitting on the wifes’ lap serenading her. Puddles is that good!

Kevin Whitcomb

Puddles, I’m having a pity party right now I have a new trailer trash neighbor that I don’t care for so now I’m selling my house & moving away… sincerely mad at the whole world now.


Yay Puddles!
We’ll enjoy your coffee as we battle all those boring things out there.
Thank you for your service & your fine art,

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