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Imagine All the Lattes: Kruve Expands Glassware Collection

Kruve glassware

Glasses in the new Kruve Imagine line. All images courtesy of Kruve.

Specialty coffee glassware and accessory maker Kruve has expanded its selection of coffee-oriented vessels with the Imagine line of glasses designed specifically for milk drinks.

The handle-free Imagine design comes in capacities of 250 milliliters (8.5 ounces), 200 milliliters (6.5 ounces), and 150 milliliters (5 ounces), suggested for lattes, cappuccinos and cortados, respectively.

The insulated and completely clear hand-blown borosilicate glasses are angled on the outside for hand stability and comfort, while spherical insides accentuate the dynamics of latte art milk pouring.

Kruve latte

“We’ve been developing these glasses for the better part of a year but have been thinking about what would make the best latte [and] milk drink glass since we launched our first Excite and Inspire glasses,” Kruve Co-Founder and CFO Marek Krupa told Daily Coffee News. “When looking at top baristas pour latte art, most often the cups are held in the hand by the bottom and not by the handle for increased control. We made sure that the Imagine glasses were easy and comfortable to hold by the bottom and eliminated the need for a handle due to the double wall nature of the glass.”

Kruve Imagine line

The Ontario, Canada-based company also says the 250-milliliter glass works well for professional coffee cuppings. The glasses are also dishwasher-safe and stackable, making them potentially more viable for commercial applications, although Kruve is primarily targeting home consumers with the line.

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“We are surprised at how many cafes have already reached out expressing interest in using these glasses for service,” said Krupa. “The cupping aspect of the larger Imagine glasses was just a byproduct of their shape and not an intentional design. This came about after months of testing and use when I went to do a cupping at home and picked up the 250-milliliter Imagine glass. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it performed and since it retained heat well, I found that the cupping reflected a full immersion brew more accurately.”

Kruve Imagine 5

Sales of the Imagine line launched this week via the Kruve website. A single set of two Imagine glasses of any size is priced at $39.99. Three sets of two, in any combination of sizes, costs $107.97.

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