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15 Coffees Scoring 86+ Heading to 2nd Taiwan Private Collection Auction

Taiwan PCA Sample Set

The Taiwan Private Collection Auction sample set. Photo courtesy of ACE.

The Taiwan Coffee Laboratory and the United States-based nonprofit Alliance for Coffee Excellence have unveiled the 15 winning green coffees to be sold in the second-ever Taiwan Private Collection Auction.

Supported by the Taiwan Council of Agriculture and the Taiwan Agriculture and Food Agency, the auction program is designed to help generate international interest in Taiwan’s relatively small but geographically well-suited high-quality arabica coffee sector. Coffee has been commercially cultivated in Taiwan for more than a century.

ACE helped facilitate the first Taiwan Private Collection Auction last year as part of its ongoing Private Collection Auction (PCA) series. Overall, 20 buyers from Taiwan, the United States, France, Japan, Canada and Saudi Arabia combined to pay an average price of $94.50 per pound of green coffee.

Earlier this year, the groups committed to running the auction program through 2024.

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The 15 winning coffees for 2022 — representing five different plant varieties, four post-harvest processing methods and three growing regions on the island — were selected following a detailed evaluation from 36 professional coffee panelists representing 17 different coffee companies in nine different countries.

The top-scoring lot was a Gesha variety from Royal Bean Geisha Estate in Chiayi that was produced by Fu-Sen Tseng. A farm called Zhou Zhou Yuan produced three of the 15 winning microlots, while Melastoma Coffee Estate and SONGYUE coffee manor each produced two winning lots.

Taiwan Private Collection Auction coffee

Coffees growing at the Royal Bean Geisha Estate in Chiayi. Courtesy photo.

Nine of the 15 winning coffees are natural-process coffees.

Sample sets of the winning coffees are currently available through ACE. The online auction is scheduled to take place Thursday, June 30.

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