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Taiwan Private Collection Auction Returning for 2022-2024

Taiwan Coffee Auction

Images from producers who participated in the inaugural Taiwan Private Collection Auction, courtesy of ACE.

After an inaugural green coffee auction that fetched spectacularly high prices last year, the organizers of the Taiwan Private Collection Auction are reprising the auction program for three more years.

Beginning this year, the auction series is being organized by the United States-based nonprofit Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) along with private partner the Taiwan Coffee Laboratory, the Taiwanese Council of Agriculture and the Taiwanese Agriculture and Food Agency.

Last year, the 20 featured nano-lots in the auction program fetched an astounding average $94.50 per pound. While only featuring 540 total pounds of coffee, the auction demonstrated intense demand, not only from international buyers but from domestic buyers, including a consortium of Taiwanese roasters who paid more than $500 per pound for the top-scoring lot.

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According to the organizers, the auction moving forward will focus on larger quantities of coffees from more producers, while promoting the idea that careful cultivation, processing and quality control can lead to profitability among farmers.

The success of PCA in 2021 convinced Taiwanese coffee producers that larger lot sizes can be economically profitable as long as they maintain excellence in quality and flavor,” said Krude Lin, chairperson of the newly established Coffee Industrial Alliance of Taiwan. “This year, nearly all coffee producers who have performed well in competitions past have submitted their most unique coffees to the Taiwan Private Collection Auction.”

Taiwan coffee farms

Twenty five experienced cuppers from Taiwan will be evaluating potential auction coffees this month before identifying a preliminary winner list that will then undergo further evaluation through ACE’s global network of professional cuppers.

Sample sets are currently available for pre-sale, while the auction will take place online on Thursday, June 30. Details can be found here.

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