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Mighty Beast Coffee Roasters Roars to Life in Kansas

Mighty Beast Coffee Roasters Meriden KS

The Mighty Beast Coffee Roasters walk-up window inside the Boone & Bounty retail and food center in Meriden, Kansas. All images courtesy of Mighty Beast Coffee Roasters.

Through the convergence of several businesses in the Topeka-area town of Meriden, Kansas, a new company called Mighty Beast Coffee Roasters has been unleashed.

The new Mighty Beast-branded coffee roasting and retail outpost is inside the Meriden food and retail destination Boone & Bounty. The brand was formed by the merger of former local coffee retailer Pharm House Coffee, local roaster Caffiend and Boone & Bounty.

Meriden-based Mammoth Sports Construction is the parent company of both Boone & Bounty and the new Mighty Beast. Financial terms of the merger were not disclosed.

Boone and Bounty Meriden

Inside Boone & Bounty

A Diedrich IR5 roaster that formerly belonged to Caffiend — which was founded by Tosha Ross and former PT’s Coffee roaster Adam Ross in 2016 — now roasts coffees onsite for the Mighty Beast bar.

“Boone & Bounty is a really unique, exciting place to visit, and then they just built us out a space for a roastery and little cafe,” Tosha Ross, who now holds the title of Mighty Beast wholesale specialist, told Daily Coffee News. “The three of us — Boone & Bounty, Pharm House and Caffiend — have now created the Mighty Beast Coffee Roasters and we’re all excited to be working together. We’re able to focus on our own specialized areas. We’re able to focus on our own passions and rely on our team members for support.”

Mighty Beast also looks forward to supporting Boone & Bounty’s ongoing relationship with the Woolly Farms Foundation, offering training and employment to adults with diverse needs.

Mighty Beast Coffee Roasters Diedrich IR15

“It’s been a really great way to integrate [members] into something that they’re interested in and love,” said Tosha Ross. “Eventually we will have them helping with stickering, bagging and production, and if there is a good match, we’ll definitely train roasters. There are already members that work as baristas.”

Adam Ross now turns out Mighty Beast coffees in a sleek, black-tiled corner of the Boone & Bounty building, where the green Diedrich and coffee labels on black Mighty Beast bags provide pops of color.

A large glass wall and ordering window separates guests from the production area and the coffee bar run by head barista Dany Guzman. Drinks can be enjoyed in cozy seating outside the coffee area or throughout the Boone & Bounty space.

Mighty Beast Coffee Roasters bags

“This is really a unique experiential destination place,” said Tosha Ross. “The quality of products are our top priority, so it’s still the same good Caffiend-quality coffee roasted by Adam. All of our production is taken with care and love, and we have just been blessed with this opportunity to work with so many great people and now create a new coffee company in an area that doesn’t have anything like this.”

Mighty Beast Coffee Roasters is located at 401 South Palmberg St. in Meriden, Kansas. Does your coffee business have news to share? Let DCN’s editors know here