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Sovda Launches the Precision Fill Mini Coffee Bagging Machine

Precision Fill Mini

A rendering of the new Sovda Precision Fill Mini. All images courtesy of Sovda.

Oregon-based coffee production equipment maker Sovda has unveiled the Precision Fill Mini, a compact weigh-and-fill bagging machine that is approximately half the size of the original Sovda Precision Fill.

Made to stand on a table or countertop, the approximately 47.2-inch-tall Precision Fill Mini is approximately half as tall as the original Precision Fill. The Mini also has a considerably smaller footprint, at approximately 17.3 inches wide and 21.3 inches deep.

Its 25-liter hopper holds up to approximately 8.8 kilograms (just shy of 20 pounds) of coffee. Hopper extensions are also available.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I’d consider Precision Fill Mini to be very stylish and a great addition to cafes [that] have front-of-house roasting operations,” Sovda Engineer Michael Williams told DCN. “It’s also great for smaller roasteries who are scaling up but don’t have space for a larger machine.”

Sovda Precision Fill Mini coffee

The Precision Fill Mini.

Sales of the machine were scheduled to launch today, with prices starting at $6,500.

Like its bigger sibling, the Precision Fill Mini’s built-in scale provides accuracy to within 2 grams, according to the company. An included stainless steel filler head is designed to fit most bag sizes down to 8 ounces. The Mini also features the same quick-swap head mounting system as the larger machines, with the same selection of filler heads. Sovda can also produce custom filler heads for uncommon package types. 

Mini users can fill between four to 10 bags per minute using an included foot pedal. Through a touchscreen control panel, users can program a machine to fill a certain number of bags semi-automatically.

“This ‘weigh and fill’ machine is designed for smaller roasteries looking for a semi-automated bagging solution that’s more compact than our full-sized Precision Fill,” said Williams. “Precision Fill Mini is designed to be used stand-alone on a benchtop; however, we have a line of accessories [that includes] a floor stand, and Sovda Lift integrations for automated bean loading.”

Sovda Precision Fill systems

The original Precision Fill next to the Mini.

Founded in 2017, Sovda focuses on the design and manufacture of production equipment for small- and medium-sized specialty coffee roasteries. The company, which is majority-owned by Portland-based Torch Coffee, launched its first project, the Pearl Mini Sorter, in 2018. The company has also rolled out pneumatic coffee conveyer and destoner systems.

Late last year along with partnering companies the Sustainable Coffee Institute (SCI) and the Curate Coffee Collective (CCC), Sovda moved into a new Portland showroom and headquarters.

The company is currently developing a weight-based conveyer system under the Precision Lift name, as well as a system called “Precision Silo,” designed to hold up to 80 60-kilo bags of green coffee within a relatively small footprint while drawing out measured portions.

Sovda Precision Fill Mini

“Currently we are working on a number of refinements to some of the Silo’s sub-systems,” Williams told DCN. “One of the themes for Sovda in 2023 will be ‘innovations big and small.’ We have some exciting solutions on our roadmap which will not only provide value to our current target audience, but address needs for smaller- and larger-volume coffee roasteries.”

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