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With Dual Chamber Paper Filters, Sibarist Splits the Difference

Sibarist dual chamber filter 4

A Sibarist Dual Chamber pourover filter. All images courtesy of Sibarist.

Spanish coffee accessory maker Sibarist has revealed the Dual Chamber filter, a conical  filter that includes a paper wall separating two sides of the same pourover. 

Compatible with Hario V60-style brewers, the dual chamber design is intended to give manual brewers even more options and variables in their pourovers, whether for two different coffees at once or for the same coffee treated two different ways. 

Sibarist dual chamber filter 2

“The idea behind the Dual Chamber is to control two separated chambers, with different water-coffee grounds contact time, for two different coffee yields and two soluble solution exposures — two different flavor extractions that mix in the same cup,” Sibarist Co-Founder Joaquim Morató told Daily Coffee News. “This opens the door to play with different ratios, grinds, coffees, temperatures, roast dates and [post-harvest] processes in the same brew and in a controlled way.”

Priced at €30.94 (about US$33.50, as of this writing), 30-pack pre-orders of the Dual Chamber filters launched with their first public appearance last month at the SCA Expo in Chicago (see DCN’s complete 2024 SCA Expo coverage here).

In Chicago, Sibarist gained some added buzz during the World Brewers Cup championship. All three of the top-finishing competitors — Martin Wölfl, Iidaka Wataru and Ryan Wibawa — used Sibarist paper filters. The company is well known for its “Fast” line of paper filters for various manual brewing formats. 

Sibarist dual chamber filter 1

“We caught a lot of attention during our early presentation at the Chicago Coffee Expo,” said Morató. “Most of it was within the Brewers Cup champions and people who are very involved, who are always looking for testing innovative solutions to extract the best possible cup of their coffees.”

Morató told DCN the Dual Chamber filter was designed in part to allow baristas to amplify or balance specific desirable characteristics that might come from one or more coffees. 

“Imagine brewing 14 grams of medium-fine ground coffee in one of the chambers to try to develop that coffee as much as possible,” said Morató, “And you keep 5 grams of a coarse grind in the other chamber, with the purpose of adding an extra dissolution of the initial flavors that leave the particles in the early stage of the extraction, just to provide an extra bright acidity.”

Sibarist dual chamber filter 3

According to Sibarist, brewing in both chambers results in natural tension of the dividing layer, while the downward flow dymanics of the two chambers lead to minimal bypass or cross-flow between them. 

Tension in the paper that is created while brewing on both sides at once provides tightness to the central divide, while the downward flow dynamics of the two separate shapes of brew bed lead to minimal bypass or cross-flow between the chambers.

Sibarist next plans to show off the filter design at the World of Coffee Copenhagen event, taking place June 27-29.

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