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Travel Company Tours Colombia’s San Alberto Coffee Plantation

colombian coffee region

Naturally, some of Colombia’s most beautiful country is in its mountainous coffee-growing regions. And the travel agency Jacada thinks it’s high time more Americans got down there.

The company recently put together a photo gallery following its travels into Colombia’s “Coffee Triangle” for the Huffington Post, providing the following description:

This Coffee Triangle get its nickname from a trio of departments, Caldas, Risaralda and Quindío, but is actually a unified geographic zone of fertile mountainous valleys sewn with rolling coffee plantations, tropical Andean forests, terraced slopes and wax palms distinguished by a rustic pace of life, pre-Colombian origins and some very friendly locals.

Aside from the coffee culture and its plantations, the area has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for both its natural and cultural beauty: trek through endless bamboo forests, visit the communities of the pre-Colombian Quimbayan people, stay at colourful haciendas, hike the cloud forests of the Cocora Valley to see rare orchids and hovering hummingbirds, and then there’s the beautiful architecture of the towns of Saliento and Filandia.

Be under no illusions – this is Colombian life at its most rural and languid, but it also at its most characteristic and charming.

Click here for a photo gallery and more information.


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