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Small Kentucky Town Gets Major Coffee Upgrade

You and me coffee corbin

Corbin, a town of about 7,000 residents in the Southeastern part of Kentucky, now has its own specialty coffee shop, You and Me Coffee and Tea.

The retail shop is serving coffee from Louisville-based micro-roastery Sunergos Coffee, with French press and pour-over brewing methods.

Andy Salmons, who owns the shop with his mother and lives in a loft above it on the town’s main drag, described the project to the local News Journal as a dream come true, and said he hopes to help revitalize downtown by providing a community gathering space. In addition, he hopes to bring Corbin residents coffee drinking experiences they may not yet have had access to. He told the Journal:

“We have very high standards and brew methods. The way we are doing our coffee is different than any other shop within about a 50-mile radius,” Salmons said. “All of it is done to highlight the best qualities of the coffee … We are controlling the exact amount of coffee and the flow rate of water so you get all the kind of fruity brightness in the coffee … all the sugars and to make sure all the proper oils are extracted.”

For more information, visit You and Me’s Facebook page.


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