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British Coffee Shop Owner Spends $48,000 to Recreate Vatican Image

The Mural at Frescoes

A British coffee shop owner has spent about $48,000 USD to add a piece of the Sistine Chapel to his cafe’s facade.

Kevin Kavanagh, owner of Frescoes Coffee House in Bedford, England, commissioned artist Iain Carstairs to create the 115-square-foot fresco that looms over the coffee shop’s entrance. The fresco recreates the Libyan Sibyl, as found on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in The Vatican, as originally painted by Michelangelo.

“We have been able to bring a bit of Italian history to Bedford and I hope that it will be there for well over a thousand years,” Kavanagh recently told the local Bedford Daily Mail.


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iain carstairs

Hi, I am the artist who created this, and may I just say that I quoted the cost of this work at £12,000. The revenue was as follows: public subscriptions raised £8,000 and I covered the remaining £2,500 for materials, and ended up working for free. The coffee shop backed out of paying the balance of the agreed sum, and then drilled into the still-setting plaster, and stuck a drainpipe over it. I don’t know where you got the $48,000 figure from – presumably the coffee shop!

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