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Coffee Cup Pop Cartoonist @yoyoha Renews 100-Cup Pledge for 2015

Columbus, Ohio-based artist Josh Hara, who had a great year on the Internet in 2014, amassing nearly 70,000 Twitter followers through his 100 coffee cup cartoons, has determined to renew his 100-cup mission in 2015.

Hara recently told USA Today that the cartoons — sketched onto the all-white sides of 24-ounce Starbucks hot drink cups — really represent an exercise in self-improvement, forcing him to complete the pieces.

While many of Hara’s cartoons involve coffee as a subject matter, others respond to pop culture events, including this parody of the now infamous “Break the Internet” Kim Kardashian photo collection:

break the internet kim kardashian parody

All photos via Hara’s Instagram handle, @yoyoha.

Following is just a small sample of some of Hara’s other most recent and shared works of 2014. For more, follow him on Twitter (@yoyoha) and Instagram.

flying_dog gluten_free_santa nye_ball



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Ah, America and the arts.

Let the innovative, creative minds with their art school technique continue to starve. But if you doodle on coffee cups, we want to make you into a public celebrity.

No wonder why the suicide rate among artists is what it is.

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