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Pucker Up: The Coffee Cup Lid that Kisses Also Has Eyes on Purses

kiss coffee lid

Most coffee lids appeal in practical senses: spill protection to prevent scalding and wet messes; flow control to enhance drinking; or various holes or crevasses to promote olfactory connections. But what about the heart? After all, aren’t love, attraction and even physical addiction all part of the complex biological equation that binds people to their daily coffee?

With these questions in mind, South Korean inventor Jang Woo-Seok has unveiled the Kiss lid, a to-go coffee cup lid with a protruding pair of kissy lips and even an ample nose for a complete bussing experience. On the project’s Behance page, Woo-Seok says he loves both coffee and kisses, and while coffee is easily available to him every day, kisses may not be. There’s your problem, and the kiss lid is your design solution.

coffee lid kiss

One of Woo-Seok’s premises is that to-go coffee cups are a symbol of urban culture and high style, although it must also be mentioned that as the lid is composed entirely of polystyrene, this particular kiss has the potential to linger for decades in landfills or by roadsides, rather than merely in our hearts and fond remembrances.

The kiss lid is also not merely a quirk of one manufacturing-savvy coffee-lover’s whimsy. Having already started production on the lids last week, Woo-Seok has been contacted by numerous interested parties throughout Asia and Europe in pursuit of distribution relationships, and the inventor is also currently pitching the product to Korean coffee retailers in boxes of 100 or 1,000.

Woo-Seok’s kiss lid will fall under Woo-Seok’s company name Jangdy, through which the inventor has already developed and sold a rubber shower sandal product called the Zombie Walker.

coffee kiss face


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