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Coffee Gator Hopes to Chomp Into the Home Brewing Market

There’s a new player on the home coffee tool and accessory scene whose cheeky two-minute YouTube ad just launched, urging viewers not to brew better coffee at home, for the sake of the big, “fat cat” coffee chains whose profits recently “dipped perilously close to just $15 billion.”

The urgent appeal comes directly from Phil Williams, founder of Coffee Gator, whose product line includes variously sized pourover brewers, a gooseneck kettle with mounted water thermometer, a canister with built-in CO2 valve and date marker, and other home brewing tools.

“Coffee Gator looks at products that are currently in market and improves them,” Williams recently told Daily Coffee News. “We work closely with third party designers and manufacturers to develop our own proprietary products under the Coffee Gator brand. The ability to search high and low for the best partners and be close to a number of suppliers ensures we get the best quality products to our customers.”

Coffee Gator founder Phil Williams. All images courtesy of Coffee Gator.

Coffee Gator founder Phil Williams. All images courtesy of Coffee Gator.

Of course Coffee Gator is neither the first nor the only company to offer a thermometer-inclusive kettle or a canister with a freshness date indicator, though Williams said a potential differentiator may be, “the way our brand speaks in an open and honest way directly with our consumers.”

Said Williams, “I put my name and my face to the products and make myself 100 percent accessible, which I believe really sets us apart from other brands.”

The feature sets of Coffee Gator’s introductory line of products keep them squarely in line with contemporary specialty coffee consumer trends, while Williams hinted that there could come some innovation from the brand in subsequent additions and iterations. “We are looking to develop our existing products such as the Pour Over Kettles, Pour Over Coffee Pots and canisters to make them even better and more user friendly,” said Williams. “We are also looking to add to the depth of our range with more accessories, so that consumers can enjoy the Coffee Gator brand at all the key stages of the coffee making and enjoying process.”

Coffee Gator published its video to YouTube November 30. Its products are currently available for purchase in the United States and Europe.



Paper Filter

The problem with this industry is there are too many people trying to ‘reinvent the wheel’….all with venture capital money….

Héctor López

Why rip off existing products with the excuse of “improving” them?
The inspiration is too evident, the kettles looks just like Hario’s, the cannister looks like the ones sold by Friis, the pour over system is just like the Bodum.
The ad looks lame too, they do not offer a substantial benefit other than making fun of Starbucks. It feels like a big local joke, didn’t connect with me at any level.


isn’t that the exact same kettle that Barista Warrior is selling on amazon, except $10 more expensive? Neither company is manufacturing the thing, they’re probably buying it from the same supplier in China.

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