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In ‘Roaster Puzzle,’ a Mesmerizing Piece-by-Piece Probat Assembly

probat roaster assembly

Screenshot from ‘Roaster Puzzle’

Hungarian product tinkerer and rep, coffee roaster and coffee short-filmmaker Gábor Laczkó and his associates have created some of coffee’s most visually stimulating content in recent years, providing beautifully shot, rare glimpses into the inner workings of coffee machines and their manufacture.

In 2014, they gave us “Roasted,” placing GoPro and Canon DSLR cameras inside and around a Probat roaster as it churned its way through a batch. The sequel, “Roasted 2,” gave viewers additional, even trickier angles. There was also the titillating bit of coffee voyeurism with this “Naked” portafilter video; a five-month time laps of coffee growth in “Sprout;” and a captivating glimpse of pencil-handled tamper manufacturing in “Pencilery.”

In collaboration with the Hungarian film outfit Rpfilm and Attila Zérczi, Gabor’s Kávékalmár Kft has turned the lens back to Probats for a new short called “Roaster Puzzle.” The crew gained access to the company’s Emmerich, Germany, factory, making the most of their opportunity to capture every step of a new Probat roaster being assembled by hand. Watch as the puzzle is completed: