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There’s Some Seriously Inspired Coffee Art In This 2018 Calendar From Goat Story

The Goat Story 2018 Coffee Art Calendar. All images courtesy of Goat Story.

To this point, the style-conscious Slovenian company Goat Story has focused its products primarily on the brewing and drinking of coffee, launching with its horn-shaped mug in 2015 and following that up with the G-Drip pourover device and the Bluetooth-enabled Gina dripper last year.

For 2018, the company has collaborated with 12 individual artists to create a coffee art calendar, with each monthly print reflecting some element of coffee’s physical journey and/or cultural connections.

“From January to December, it unfolds the story of coffee from bean to cup, while sourcing inspiration from the mythology of coffee, its fair trade production, exploring its social aspects and the amazing effect that the aromatic drink has on us,” Goat Story Brand Strategist Dusan Maticic told Daily Coffee News.

The Goat Story team amassed a wealth of design talent for the project, sourcing original pieces from artists throughout the world, including:

  • Anja Sušanj, January: The Berry
  • Nicola Kloosterman, February: Passion
  • Tom Abbiss Smith, March: The Bean
  • Chloe Joyce, April: The Picker
  • Amber Vittoria, May: The Roaster
  • Lucas Levitan, June: The Grinder
  • Yi Xiao Chen, July: The Barista
  • Dola Sun, August: The Hangout
  • Geffen Refaeli, September: The Creativity
  • Dawid Ryski, October: The Flavor
  • Daehyun Kim, November: The Impact
  • Anja Šlibar, December: The Evolution



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