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La Marzocco Unveils Year Three Roasters in Residence for Seattle Cafe

la marzocco cafe kexp seattle

The La Marzocco Café at the KEXP studios in Seattle. La Marzocco Café photo.

Creatively toeing the line between commercial and consumer audiences since opening its beautiful Café and Showroom in 2016, espresso equipment manufacturer La Marzocco has announced year three of its “Roasters in Residence” program. 

Though La Marzocco is not in the business of roasting coffee, many of its clients throughout the world are, offering superb roasts pulled through LM gear from right down the street in Seattle or from as far abroad as Tokyo or Auckland. The Roaster in Residence program allows these roasters to essentially do a four-to-six-week programmatic takeover of the LM Café, where they can showcase not only their coffees, but their other specialty drinks, their cultures and their approaches to service. 

The company ties the residency program in with its La Marzocco Home division, geared toward the high-end home espresso segment. Each month, two bags of coffees featured in the cafe from resident roasters are shipped to LM Home espresso subscribers, along with the roasters’ brew recipes corresponding with LM Home machinery parameters.

This year’s lineup features the following 20 roasters:

Cuvée Coffee (Austin, Texas)

La Colombe Coffee Roasters (Philadelphia)

Kuma Coffee (Seattle)

Verve Coffee Roasters (Santa Cruz, California)

Allpress Espresso (Auckland, New Zealand)

Metric Coffee (Chicago)

Dapper and Wise (Portland, Oregon)

Equator Coffee (San Rafael, California)

Port of Mokha (Oakland)

Fourth Dimension Coffee (Durham, North Carolina)

Elixr Coffee (Philadelphia)

Seesaw Coffee (Shanghai, China)

Onda Origins (Seattle)

Bonanza Coffee Roasters (Berlin, Germany)

Onibus Coffee (Tokyo, Japan)

Linea Caffe (San Francisco)

Ditta Artiginale (Florence, Italy)

Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters (Lakewood, Colorado)

The Coffee Collective (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Five Elephant (Berlin, Germany)


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Are there dates for when each of the roasters will be featured? Excited for Sweet Bloom and The Coffee Collective!

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