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Design Details: The Logo-Inspired Interior Redesign at Chicago’s Passion House

Passion House Coffee Roasters cafe bar in Chicago

Passion House Coffee Roasters’ redesigned interior at the company’s Logan Square cafe in Chicago. All photos courtesy of Siren Betty.

When the now 7-year-old Chicago company Passion House Coffee Roasters swung open the doors to its first cafe in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood last May, it had many of a specialty coffee shop’s key components already in place.

A range of high-quality coffee gear and a cafe-suitable building infrastructure were leftover from the departure of previous tenant Bow Truss Coffee Roasters, and a vintage Probat roastery was humming away at the company’s near west side to supply the goods.

Passion House Coffee Roasters cafe bar in Chicago

Despite the passionate focus on sourcing, roasting, brewing and serving the best quality coffees available, the shop was, however, somewhat lacking in one key area: interior design pizzazz.

The Passion House cafe recently underwent an interior makeover with help from the all-woman Chicago design firm Siren Betty. The redesigned 1,000-square-foot cafe includes a variety of new interior elements, virtually all of which intentionally recall Passion House’s logo.

Passion House Coffee Roasters cafe bar in Chicago

The logo itself is an isometric cube featuring all CMYK colors with three letters representing different coffee types — A for “Ambient,” M for “Mainstream” and E for “Experimental” — with a geometric sans serif font fitting snugly inside each of the three visible panels. The brand’s black lines, geometric shapes and the CMYK colors are all now more deeply reflected throughout the shop’s interior.

Along with black pendant lighting above the bar, a variety of black shelving for appliances and for retail displays recall the lines of the “AME” lettering, while painted-mosaic tiles and other accents of painted and artificially lit color reflect the bright, lively Passion House palette. The shop now also includes plant life throughout, providing a welcome contrast both in color and form.

Passion House Coffee Roasters cafe bar in Chicago

The Passion House Coffee Roasters cafe is located at 2631 N Kedzie Ave in Logan Square, Chicago


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