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DMCC to Host Its First Premium Coffee Auction in Dubai

DMCC Coffee Dubai

At the inauguration of the DMCC earlier this year. File photo.

Dubai’s DMCC Coffee Centre is preparing to host an international specialty coffee auction, inviting buyers to a live auction in Dubai on Monday, Nov. 11, or remotely through a digital auction platform.

It’s the first such auction to be coordinated by the DMCC Coffee Centre, the coffee trading and infrastructure hub inside Dubai’s largest tax-free zone. With warehousing, roasting, education and quality analysis facilities, the DMCC Coffee Centre was inaugurated in February.

DMCC Coffee Centre auction organizers are hosting an invite-only private auction the day before the public auction, while representatives from Panama’s Café Eleta will be flying in to showcase the producer’s Gesha offerings. Café Eleta is one of the main businesses of Panama’s Grupo Eleta, which has holdings in numerous luxury lifestyle businesses.


DMCC photo.

For the Nov. 11 main auction, coffees from at least 12 different countries will be on offer in person and online. Those coffees are all hailing from countries in Central America (Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras or El Salvador), South America (Brazil or Colombia) or Africa (Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya or Tanzania).

Registration information for the online auction has not yet been announced, although interested buyers can sign up to receive more information here.


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