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Nuova Simonelli Unveils the Oscar Mood, a Bright Take on Home Espresso

Oscar Mood espresso

The Nuova Simonelli Oscar Mood, which will be available in red, black, taupe and “guacamole.” All images by Nuova Simonelli.

Italian commercial espresso equipment manufacturer Nuova Simonelli has unveiled the Oscar Mood, a colorful new model in its most affordable machine line for homes, offices and other lower-volume environments.

The Oscar Mood is the successor in the line to the Oscar II, and the original Nuova Simonelli Oscar, which introduced some of Nuova Simonelli’s high-quality and high-powered components to high-end home and prosumer audiences.


Oscar Mood in guacamole.

The Oscar II shed the original Oscar’s plastic shell to reveal more stainless steel and a single ribbed grouphead resembling that found on the signature Nuova Simonelli Eagle line of high-volume commercial machines.

The Oscar Mood takes further aesthetic steps, with four color schemes (black, guacamole, taupe and red), a new wooden portafilter handle, a smoothed out rounded group, a finer mesh drip tray, and an updated control console and display with timer.

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The Oscar Mood occupies the same footprint as its predecessor, the Oscar II (11.81 inches wide, 15.75 inches high, and 16.06 inches deep), while offering the same weight (28.6 pounds), power (1,200 watt), and 3-liter water tank with optional water line connection.

The Mood departs from its predecessors by offering PID temperature control in the 2-liter boiler, as well as automated steam control with Simonelli’s “Cool Touch” steam wand, which includes a protective coating to prevent scalding.

“The temperature in the boiler is electronically controlled by a professional pressure switch, whilst the integrated bypass regulates pressure,” Nuova Simonelli said in a product debut announcement. “This is how every drink contributes to creating the right mood for the day.”

Oscar Mood espresso

The Oscar Mood

Nuova Simonelli has not yet announced an MSRP or availability date for the Oscar Mood. The Oscar II is listed through the Simonelli USA website as starting at $1,825, while numerous U.S. sellers offer the machine new starting at $1,295.


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