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Single-Serve Brewer Maker Bruvi Raises $7 Million More


The Bruvi brewer and interface. Press photo by Bruvi.

Los Angeles-based single-serve coffee maker startup Bruvi says it has raised an additional $7 million in funding, bringing the company’s total capital raised to $10.8 million.

The company says it will use the money to pay for manufacturing, further software development and advertising as it prepares for pre-orders of the Bruvi brewing system beginning this November, with sales expected in the first quarter of 2022.

The latest funding round for the company created by founders Mel Elias and Sung Oh in 2018 was led by family wealth managers and entrepreneurs through the UK- and New York-based The Merchant Club, plus participation from a number of venture capital funds.

“We were very quickly over-subscribed for this round by high-caliber family offices and venture funds, which validates the strength of the category and the breakthrough features,” Mel Elias, the former president and CEO of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, said in an announcement of the new capital.

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The Bruvi system involves single-serve pods that are similar in shape and size to K-Cups that can be transformed into a number of different coffee drink types, namely filter coffee, espresso, Americano and cold brew. The pods themselves have been engineered with polypropylene (PP#5) plastic infused with an organic enzyme to promote biodegradability.

In its pitch to consumers, Bruvi claims that the brewing system is “eco friendly” in that its pods, known as B-Pods, can be recycled, although that involves separation and cleaning of the pods’ material components. Additionally, the company claims, pods can be thrown into the landfill “guilt free” since the pods are designed to biodegrade in “a handful of years.”

With the anticipated 2022 launch, Bruvi plans to feature a range of coffees from partner roasters in Los Angeles.