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Single-Serve Coffee Machine Maker Spinn Lands $20 Million Funding Round

Spinn Coffee Brewer 1

The Spinn coffee brewer. Spinn press kit photo.

Single-serve coffee machine company Spinn (styled by the company as SPINN) has reached a $20 million funding round led by Silicon Valley tech startup investment specialist Spark Capital.

Spinn, which offers an associated coffee marketplace that features hundreds of United States roasting companies, said the investment will be used to accelerate growth and to fulfill pre-orders for Spinn machines. The San Francisco-based company began accepting pre-orders in 2016.

Spinn Coffee Brewer 2

Spinn press kit photo.

Existing Spinn investors, the Amazon-led Alexa Fund and Bar 9 Ventures, are also involved in this $20 million funding round. Chicago-based Bar 9’s other investments in the coffee space include portfolio companies La Marzocco, Modbar, Dark Matter Coffee and Odeko.

The Spinn brewer, first featured by Daily Coffee News in 2015, involves proprietary brewing technology that incorporates centrifugal force within the brewing chamber. The company says the brewer can produce hundreds of hot, espresso-like and cold brew drink types one serving at a time through the push of a button on a mobile app or the machine itself.

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The company says the machine’s built-in conical burr grinder with DC motor can adjust to grind coarseness between 35-220 microns within 95% accuracy to accommodate virtually any coffee drink style. The whole bean coffee reservoir is 42.2 fluid ounces, while the water reservoir is 57.5 ounces.

Through the Spinn marketplace, users can be paired with coffees from local roasters for individual purchases or for auto-ordering. The company also makes broad sustainability claims about the machine, with the most common refrain being that it does not involve single-use pods that may end up in landfills.

Spinn Coffee Brewer 3

Spinn press kit photo.




20 million dollars for a coffee machine. Is there a shortage of coffee machines out there? Go buy an Aeropress and a Joepresso attachment and it’ll everything this thing will, sensa the app. Seri make a carafe of coffee. I have to place the carafe in the machine and wash it after, but I can’t push the button to start the brew. With all the problem people have today a VC invests such a sum in a coffee machine, sad.

Jess Cheb

Anyone investing in company that took over 5 years to release a product that claims 3 models of the coffee maker she they are the same unit with just optional accessories.

This is so slow, loud and they had to take down all their photos that showed one touch controls of cappuccino because they did not incorporate a milk frother. Their pictures and product is so slow and incomplete considering similar items are better and already for sales.

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