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Ceado Launches Grinder Brands Life and Leon, Plus the E37Z Barista

Ceado E37Z Barista grinder 3

The Ceado E37 Z-Barista grinder. All images courtesy of Ceado.

Northern Italian professional beverage equipment maker Ceado has expanded on multiple coffee fronts, launching the new grinder brands Life and Leon directed at home and commercial segments, respectively, plus new equipment under the flagship Ceado brand.

Ceado E37 Z-Barista

Under the Ceado name comes the E37 Z-Barista, a commercial grinder that builds upon the design of the company’s innovative, low-retention, single-dose E37Z Hero grinder.

Ceado E37Z Barista grinder 2

Additional features in the Barista model include a larger hopper for higher-volume settings and a touchscreen interface for quicker and more consistent adjustments. The digital interface also offers usage stats and other data to track performance and maintenance needs.

The Z-Barista is also the first Ceado machine to include a newly patented mechanism the company calls the SweepOut system, which helps clear the grinding chamber with every grinding cycle for minimal retention. After grinding is done, the Z-Barista automatically spins the burrs in reverse for a moment, inverting the flow of ground coffee so that nothing remains caught between the burrs.

Ceado E37Z Barista grinder 1

“Due to the design of the burrs, the whole beans in the hopper funnel are not involved in a new grinding phase, remaining intact and not compromised,” Ceado Marketing and Business Development Director Riccardo Fabrin told Daily Coffee News. “The special burrs used to make it work efficiently are designed and manufactured from Ceado.”

Both the E37Z Hero and the Z-Barista prototypes made their public debut at the HostMilano trade show in 2017. Sales of the Hero launched in 2019, while sales of the Barista model launched with this year’s Host show.

Leon and Life

Ceado Life Grinder 1

A lineup of Ceado Life grinders.

Another Ceado launch this year was Leon, a professional grinder brand featuring familiar, utilitarian designs for doser and on-demand doserless grinders for commercial settings. This will stand differentiated from the Ceado brand, which focuses on cutting-edge technology and creative design.

“There’s no difference in [quality] or in the way the machines are made,” said Fabrin. “The difference each brand proposes is about purpose.”

Ceado Life Grinder 2

Life, meanwhile, is a product brand focused on a new prosumer coffee grinder. The Life grinder features 50-millimeter flat burrs and either a 250-gram-capacity hopper or an optional single-dose hopper with built-in bellows.

A touchscreen interface provides two programmable grind settings by time, or it can grind on demand. It is designed for grinding for all methods, from espresso to French press, according to the company. It will be available in a range of colors.

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“For Ceado, ‘all-purpose’ doesn’t mean compromising the quality of coffee,” Fabrin told DCN. “Life can be the first step inside the world of coffee, but also the definitive grinder. It has been designed for consumers, not necessarily expert home baristas, who love beautiful objects.”

Life, Leon and the E37 Z-Barista will all be available to customers through distributors in the United States starting in 2022, according to Ceado. The E37 Z-Barista is priced at $3,850. The Life grinder will sell for $649.

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