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Diedrich Roasters Launches the DR-3, Replacing the IR-1 and IR-2.5

Diedrich DR-3

The Diedrich DR-3 roaster. Images courtesy of Diedrich Roasters.

Idaho-based coffee roaster manufacturer Diedrich Roasters has rung in 2022 with the launch of a new machine, the Diedrich DR-3.

Accommodating batches from as little as 1 kilogram up to its 3-kilo capacity, the DR-3 also marks the official sunsetting of Diedrich’s two long-running smallest-capacity machines, the Diedrich IR-1 and IR-2.5.

Built at Diedrich’s new headquarters in Ponderay, Idaho, the machine was designed to serve the functional purposes of those smaller IR machines — such as sample roasting and small-batch roasting — while upgrading total capacity and output to as much as 26.4 pounds per hour.

“The goal was to incorporate efficiency, flexibility, versatility and extended capacity in the same unit,” Diedrich Roasters marketing and communications consultant Launtia Taylor told DCN, noting that the machine might be appropriate for roastery cafes, startup roasters seeking to grow into a smaller production model, or larger roasters seeking sample roasting or small-batch solutions.

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Said Taylor, “This unit was specially designed to give the roast master the flexibility and versatility to operate in any small or large facility environment.”

The DR-3 measures 54 inches deep by 39 inches wide by 68.5 inches tall.

Features include: an integrated side pane/table next to the monitor, designed to accommodate laptops or tablets with direct connections to the roaster; options for data storage and automated logging; and burner integration directly with roasting software providers Cropster and Artisan.

The DR-3 is the second-ever roaster from Diedrich to bear the DR name — a strategy designed to better reflect the brand, according to the company representative. Diedrich launched its first DR model, the 25-kilo capacity DR-25 last year. Updates and a name change may soon be in store for the popular IR-5 and IR-12 machines, according to the company.



Bob Ireton

I have had my Diedrich HR1 over 12 years, and am about to roast batch #500. I am glad I got the HR1 before it was discontinued and replaced by the IR1. I do not want to use gas. Now the IR1 is being discontinued! What is the small batch roaster like me to do? I think Diedrich is only thinking of their ‘bottom line’. Bob

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