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GH Grinding & Brewing Makes US Debut with Mahlkönig, Tone, Etzinger and More

GH grinding machines

Some of the coffee equipment offered by GH Grinding & Brewing Solutions. All images courtesy of GH.

A new United States distributor for specialized commercial espresso, brewing and grinding equipment called GH Grinding & Brewing Solutions is making its public debut this week at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston.

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The new company is acting as a distributor for German commercial grinder brands Mahlkönig and Anfim, and for automatic tamper maker Puqpress. The company is also the exclusive U.S. distributor for Swiss commercial brewer maker Tone, and boutique European grinder makers Bentwood and Etzinger.


Josh Kimbrough and Gary Horne of GH Grinding & Brewing Solutions.

At the helm of the new distribution company is a familiar face in the U.S. coffee equipment industry, longtime Mahlkönig USA CEO Gary Horne. After purchasing the company outright last April, Horne changed the name and expanded the scope to accommodate a full suite of equipment for retail cafe operators.

GH Grinding & Brewing is based in Durham, North Carolina, with offices and warehousing for new equipment and parts.

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“We take pride in the tech aspect and the customer service aspect,” GH sales and marketing representative Josh Kimbrough recently told DCN. “We really do follow the lead of our boss, Gary Horne, who took Mahlkönig from ‘you can barely find the K30′ to now the K30 is in every other cafe you go to.’ A lot of that is because it’s a great technology, but it’s also because he took it cafe to cafe.”


At the GH parts warehouse in North Carolina.

As the company makes its first public outing at a booth in Boston, it will also mark the public debut of the Bentwood grinder since its U.S. launch, as well as the first public appearance of the EtzMax Filter W grind-by-weight brew grinder by Etzinger. Alongside those grinders will be the Tone Touch 03 brewer and the full next-generation Mahlkönig grinder line.

“Because we have this tightly curated roster of brands and equipment, we are in really close communication with the factories that we work with,” said Kimbrough. “We have a very good feedback loop going. Gary and [Sales Manager Travis Jones] just went to visit all of our factories. There’s a lot of value just in really knowing about how these machines are assembled from start to finish, and if we ever get customer feedback, we take that right to the factories as well.”


At the GH headquarters in North Carolina.

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