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‘The Logic of Coffee Logistics’ Webinar Series Launches This Week

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As terms like container shortages, shipping delays or the vague “logistics issues” have become commonplace in reference to all kinds of consumer goods in the post-COVID era, a new webinar series from the firm Digital Coffee Future is set to explore some tech-forward, coffee-specific solutions.

The three-part series, called “The Logic of Coffee Logistics,” begins Thursday, May 19, with additional webinars taking place June 2 and June 16. According to DCF Program Coordinator Marta Salazar, the webinar series will be followed by a summit event in November.

“This event was designed to facilitate a greater understanding of the challenges present within coffee supply chain management, and how technological advancements can be employed to improve current operations,” DCF said in a description of the series. “In response to the widespread logistics challenges present throughout the sector and the need to amend the delays and infrastructural shortcomings of international trade as it currently stands, DCF is envisioning a reinvention of coffee logistics through a digital lens.”

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Exploring the intersection between coffee logistics and digitalization, the first webinar in the series will be hosted by DCF Founder and CEO Elisa Criscione with participation from: Intelligentsia Coffee Green Coffee and Logistics Lead Don Lawrence; Aleksandrs Sidorecs of the multinational IT firm Cognizant; and Olam Specialty Coffee Logistics Manager Colleen Walsh.

The speakers for the second and third webinars have not yet been announced, although those sessions will explore concrete examples of digitalization in coffee logistics, and the future of digitalization in logistics, respectively.

“To ground any solution-based work that is yet to come, there is a need for coffee professionals to delve into the complexities that connect coffee that is ready for export and coffee that arrives at this final destination,” DCF said. “This logistic process is behind coffees worldwide availability that this webinar series seeks to address.”

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