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Slayer Releasing a Single in the Steam Espresso Machine Line

Slayer Steam Single espresso machine

The new Slayer Steam Single espresso machine in Copenhagen. All images courtesy of Slayer.

Espresso machine company Slayer last week unveiled the Slayer Steam Single, a home-focused, single-group variant of its commercial Steam line of espresso machines.

Revealed on June 27 with the brand’s appearance at the World Of Coffee trade show in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Steam Single is Slayer’s first espresso machine with an onboard reservoir, allowing it to be used without plumbing directly to a water source. The 2.5-liter reservoir is made from food-safe BPA-free Tritan plastic.

It’s also the first Slayer machine to be developed from concept to market-ready finish since the Seattle-area company was acquired by Italy’s Cimbali Group.

Slayer Steam Single espresso machine 1

The companies have not yet announced pricing for the new machine. A company spokesperson told DCN that production certification and production are expected to begin as early as October of this year. 

A more commercially oriented plumbed single-group Slayer Espresso machine has been in production since 2014, bearing features of the original Slayer Espresso machine

The Steam Single maintains the music-themed nomenclature established in 2018 with its 2- and 3-group commercial forbears, the EP and LP, as well as the signature aesthetics of the Steam line that originally debuted in 2016.

This includes the swooping top rail, the steam and hot water activation levers, the paddle-actuated group, and the knob-controlled digital barista console.

Slayer Steam Single espresso machine 2

A rendering showing the forthcoming Slayer Steam Single machine. 

The new dual boiler machine includes a 0.8-liter brew boiler and a 2.4-liter steam boiler, through which water is driven by a commercial-grade rotary pump.

“The design for the Steam Single has been an exciting project, reimagining the iconic machine we all love,” Chris Flechtner, Slayer industrial designer, said in a company announcement of the new machine. “It’s been pushed, pulled and compressed into a proportion perfect for both home use and the single-group commercial market. It’s the same details we love, redefined in an accessible compact package.”

Slayer Steam Single 1

Through the top-mounted digital dashboard users can program temperature and volumetric features, including water delivered by a dedicated pre-infusion circuit for gentle initial saturation of the coffee. An automatic lower-power mode is designed to reduce energy consumption when the machine is idle.

The low-profile Steam Single will be able to run through standard United States household 110-voltage outlets, according to the company. 

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