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FTUSA Awards $50,000 in Roya Prevention Funds to Peruvian Cooperatives

peruvian coffee cooperatives get rust funds

Photo by FTUSA

Fair Trade USA earlier this month announced that it was awarding $25,000 each to two cooperatives in Peru from the group’s Rust Response Fund, created in March as an extension of Fair Trade USA’s Cooperative Small Grants Program.

The cooperatives, CAC Oro Verde and CAC Satipo, were selected out of a pool of 42 applicants. Applications were reviewed by representatives from the following groups: Progreso Foundation, Lutheran World Relief, Empresa Cooperativa Del Sur Del Cauca (COSURCA), Café Orgánico Márcala SA (COMSA), and Royal Coffee Inc.

Here’s more from Fair Trade USA on the two cooperatives and what they plan to do with the cash:

CAC Oro Verde is a Peruvian coffee cooperative with 600 member families. With this grant, CAC Oro Verde will introduce rust management projects for its farms in the San Martin Region. These projects will focus on improving knowledge and skills for integrated rust management among member families. Over a 12 month period, senior agronomists will lead training activities, make specific recommendations, and conduct soil analysis to help guide CAC Oro Verde as they begin applying organic fertilizers to affected plants. Further, the farmers of this coffee community will replant 100 hectares of land with rust resistant coffee seedlings, purchase necessary inputs and equipment, and even build a laboratory for the creation of organic mixtures.

The second grant recipient is Cooperativa Agraria Cafetelera Satipo Ltda (CAC Satipo), a Peruvian coffee cooperative that earned certification in 1997. CAC Satipo prides itself on its healthcare, social services and credit programs, as well as its educational and training opportunities for all members.  With the $25,000 it was awarded, CAC Satipo will implement a new rust management fund. This fund will be used towards purchasing rust-resistant seedlings, inputs for organic mixtures that will prevent the spread of rust, as well as for technical assistance for the co-op members and their individual efforts.