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Martha Stewart Puts Name Stamp on New RTD and Pre-Ground Coffee Products

Martha Stewart coffee

Martha Stewart for Ulivjava.

Martha Stewart is getting into the coffee game, putting her one-and-the-same name/brand on a product called Ulivjava. The Ulivjava line includes two ready-to-drink cold coffee drinks and a selection of ground coffees, each infused with green tea and other vitamins and herbs purported to promote health. Pre-ground, Martha? What happened to your ideals?

Stewart’s personal trainer for the past 10 years, Mary Tedesco, and “celebrity nutritionist” Kathleen Schoen, who co-founded the Ulivjava brand, say the product was “inspired by Martha Stewart and her commitment to health, wellness and vitality.” As luck would have it, Stewart enjoyed tasting the RTD product so much that she decided to put her name right there on the package and help the owners push Ulivjava through her social media channels and her Martha Stewart Living magazine. “I love everything ULIVjava stands for — health and wellness with your daily coffee,” Stewart said in an announcement this week.


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The RTD products include Fair Trade-certified coffees, green tea, yerba mate, astragalus root, ginseng, B vitamins and vitamin D. The “Lean Vanilla Iced Coffee” and “Lean Mocha Iced Coffee” contain Fair Trade vanilla and cacao, respectively. Both drinks contain nonfat milk and are sweetened by a combination of cane sugar and the noncaloric sugar substitute erythritol, resulting in 80 calories per serving.

The Ulivjava line also includes three bagged, pre-ground coffee products under the names Lean Ground Coffee, Happy Ground Coffee (half-decaf) and Glow Ground Coffee  (decaf) — each with their own blends of tea, herbs and botanicals.


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Ulivjava is rolling out the line in select markets in New York, with hopes for wider distribution through 2015.



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