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Grumpy Cat Direct Trade Specialty Coffee Exists Now

grumpy cat coffee

Those of you with the internet may be familiar with Grumpy Cat (birth name: Tardar Sauce), the meme-riffic curmudgeonly-faced cat who has racked up numerous awards and merchandising deals — ostensibly brokered by her handlers — since rising to fame in 2012.

Cat celebrity can be short-lived. Grumpy Cat herself won a lifetime achievement award while only months old at the 2013 Friskies Awards. That hasn’t stopped numerous merchandisers from licensing the cat’s image in hopes that the celebrity will sustain through all of Miss Sauce’s nine lives.

One of those is Grumpy Beverage, a company that launched in 2013 with the Grumpuccino brand of RTD cold coffee beverages. Today the company, led by Co-Founder Nick Sandford, announced the launch of a whole bean bagged specialty coffee line under the Grumpy Coffee Company name.


“From the beginning, we have cultivated a coffee experience of the often mutually exclusive virtues of impeccable quality and light-hearted humor,” said Sandford. “The development of a roasted coffee line extension was the next logical step in building on the success of Grumppuccino.”

The line includes four products, a dark roast Colombia Nariño, a medium roast Guatemala Antigua, a light roast Panama Don Pepe and a Colombia decaf. The 12-ounce bags retail prices are $18 or $20. Taking some well-established cues from the specialty coffee world, Grumpy Coffee is identifying individual regions and estates where the coffees were grown, identifying varietals, elevations, processing methods and flavor notes for each roast.

With a notable lack of specifics, the company is also boasting of direct trade relationships for all its coffees. “The new roasted coffees are specialty grade, artisan roasted, and sourced in Direct Trade with farmers from around the world,” the company said today. “Direct Trade helps to guarantee sustainable farming, supports community development, and encourages the cultivation of the highest quality coffee possible.”



Wang Chung

Are you kidding?
Who does thier roasting? How can anyone take this seriously, as a “craft, specialty coffee”?

Next up, Donald Trump Specialty Coffee Co.

dean cycon

I am so tired of every new roaster jumping on the Direct Trade bandwagon when they do nothing more than buy through brokers. I wonder if the guys who started Direct Trade (as their own self-certifying system) have any remorse about what they birthed. Consumers are getting a bucketful of confusion and misrepresentation by this. Oh, I take that back. How can they be confused when there are no rules for what constitutes Direct Trade anyway? Why don’t the real direct traders stand up for their own term? Phony claims of “directness” tarnish their brands as well.

Anis Kuri

I like this concept of direct trade from farmer to roaster for the fact that the grower has knowledge of the buyer and produce the very type of coffee the roaster wants. Is anyone in Papua New Guinea involved in this trade? I very much wish to get involved in this trade to supply from my 102 hectares Arabica coffee farm in the Wahgi vellay.

Mike Johnson

Well Mr. Kuri I would say you are an exception to the rule owning an estate then having the capacity to ship your coffee direct to the roaster. The fact is the majority of farmers at least in Africa barley have the money to raise and properly support their crop much less having it washed and processed, bagged, transported then shipped. It may be fair to say that too many roasters deal with brokers that are not legitimate and this practice causes problems for brokers that are. The bottom line is some roasters want coffee for $2lb then sell it retail for $15 and could care less about the farmer, production or value chains. It is very simple, tie yourself with some farmers or coop and help them help you and you can still retail your coffee for $15lb while providing a positive incentive for the farmer(s) and everybody else involved via your direct connection.

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