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Kids Drinking Coffee for the First Time (It Doesn’t Go Too Great)

While market researchers most often cite millennials as the demographic driving growth in fancy coffee, time marches on, and coffee’s future will eventually be molded by hands that are currently much smaller.

While the “babyccino” phenomenon is nearly four years old, it doesn’t appear to have done much in positively affecting perceptions of coffee for little rascals at large, as evidenced by this new Buzzfeed-produced video showing kids painfully drinking coffee for the first time. The children in this video must be forgiven for having only limited cognitive development due to age, or for what might be genetic predispositions to avoid new or bitter foods. However, they do come up with some interesting aroma and flavor notes, even referencing what must be a viscous mouthfeel (“It smells like broccoli” and “It tastes like oil” are a couple of the fun lines).

One subject here is the big winner, an obvious future Q-grader who asks if he can take the coffee home, while declaring it better than hot chocolate. Good job, kid. We’ll see you at the 2032 Roasters Guild retreat:




Buzzfeed is great for the useless video prank. But I’m not sure this really constitutes any market intelligence. You may as well have posted a video of young adults first drinking bourbon for the first time and realizing they enjoyed it and its bitterness.

Childrens’ palates change as they become adults, as they have throughout history.


Hello! that had to be typical breakroom coffee. My three-year-old son will drink straight shots of espresso, hand brewed black coffee and cappuccino’s all day long. My 18-month-old daughter also asks for second and third sips of the same beverages. It’s got to be the coffee people, it’s got to be the coffee.

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