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Swiss Espresso Machine Maker Eversys Opens Showroom and New Global Offices

eversys espresso switzerland machines showroom

The Eversys showroom in Ardon, Switzerland. All photos courtesy of Eversys.

Coming a year after Italian equipment maker De’Longhi acquired a 40 percent stake in Swiss super-automatic espresso machine manufacturer Eversys, the latter company has just opened multiple new offices with a private showroom.

The new head offices and showroom allow for more space in the previous headquarters for Eversys’s research and development operations. At the same time as the headquarters expansion, Eversys has announced a new office in New York to complement the existing Toronto office, plus the addition of three new sales directors for Asia, Switzerland and the United States.

eversys espresso switzerland machines showroom

The moves cap a busy 12 months for 9-year-old Eversys, as the company heads into Europe’s largest coffee trade show, the SCA’s World of Coffee in Amsterdam.

Last June, the company signed Australian barista Matt Perger as a brand ambassador; In October 2017, the company launched its Cameo model, designed to offer advanced super-automatic functionality while providing a classic C-shaped body associated with traditional commercial machines; and in January of this year, the company opened a new factory for Cameo production in its hometown of Ardon.

eversys factory switzerland

The new Eversys factory in Ardon, Switzerland.


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