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Goodboybob Seeks Greatness with New LA County Roastery

Goodboybob cafe

Inside Goodboybob’s Santa Monica cafe, which opened in 2017. Photo by Sarah King, courtesy of Goodboybob.

With a 15-kilo Loring Falcon roaster up and running in a new production facility in Torrance, California, Goodboybob has taken exacting control of its quality-first coffee program.

For the past year, Goodboybob Director of Operations and Head Roaster Ryan Fisher has been quietly upping his roasting game under the tutelage of Carrier Roasting‘s Matt Borg, formerly of Handsome Coffee and Blue Bottle Coffee.

Borg has officially passed the tryer onto Fisher, who confidently steers high-quality greens into various shades of brown for the company’s two-and-a-half-year-old Santa Monica cafe and for whole bean retail sales.

Ryan Fisher

Goodboybob Head Roaster Ryan Fisher. Photo by Sarah King, courtesy of Goodboybob.

A two-tiered Goodboybob subscription program has also launched, giving customers the choice between the Classic and the Rare, all guaranteed to ship the same day the coffee is roasted.

Classic subscribers can select their own coffees, set the number of bags and choose between deliveries either every two or four weeks. The Rare program is Goodboybob’s “elevated” offering that showcases Cup Of Excellence auction lots and other award-winning coffees, which are delivered once a month with pricing that starts at roughly $150 per month.

goodboybob coffee

Each Goodboybob coffee offering features its own bag artwork. Photo by Sarah King, courtesy of Goodboybob.

Offerings under the Rare banner will also be available for pre-order one month in advance a la carte via the redesigned Goodboybob website, where a rotating seasonal menu of five and 10 coffees is available.

Coffee bag artwork is designed by a stable of artists in coordination with Goodboybob Art Director Randi Braun, and in collaboration with Goodboybob Owner and creative Director Erich Joiner.

coffee cans

Photo by Sarah King, courtesy of Goodboybob.

“Each coffee gets a dedicated bag design for its life, and then the bag designs rotate back in for a new offering,” Fisher, the former co-owner of Denver’s Commonwealth Coffee Roasters, told DCN. “Our Shelves are always filled with a new array of bag designs each week.”

At the company’s tucked-away Santa Monica cafe, a high-quality beer and sommelier-led wine program was also launched late last year. Additional plans for the coming year include an expansion of the Torrance roastery to include a lab and educational space.

Goodboybob Santa Monica

The Goodboybob cafe in Santa Monica. Photo by Sarah King, courtesy of Goodboybob.