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With Single-Use Pourovers, Copper Cow Coffee Lands $8.5 Million Round

Copper Cow Coffee

Copper Cow Coffee product photo. The company offers a range of coffee and condensed milk flavors for its single-use pourover system.

Single-use pourover coffee company Copper Cow Coffee has raised $8.5 million in Series A funding.

The Los Angeles-based company, self-described as “equal parts Vietnam, equal parts California,” said it has tripled revenues annually since its founding in 2016. 

The $8.5 million infusion — led by food-focused Cultivian Sandbox Ventures and Arborview Capital with at least six other investment firms — follows a COVID-19 pandemic year in which virtually all market research suggests coffee brewing at home has ticked upward. The trend has become particularly apparent in the single-use, convenience-driven home coffee segment.

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Led by CEO and founder Debbie Wei Mullin and an all-women board of directors, what Copper Cow offers are boxes of single-use coffee and tea packages, with a primary focus on Vietnamese coffee. Individual packages contain disposable or compostable single-use paper pourover pouches designed to hold sturdily over the edges of single cups.

Copper Cow pouch

Copper Cow Coffee product photo.

Along with packages of black coffees, flavored coffees and teas, Copper Cow also offers individual creamer or condensed milk packages of various flavors. 

Despite all the single-use packaging, the company maintains a sustainability-focused pitch, saying it sources coffees from robusta and arabica growers in the Central Highlands of Vietnam who maintain sustainable “polyculture” and organic practices.



cole hutchison

man, how is “single use” anything still a thing?
the planet is melting. PLEASE stop single using everything!! nobody is composting these things. they’ll all end up in the ocean. how is everyone so absolutely stupid?
just some extraordinarily obvious common sense advice to the “progressive” world of specialty coffee (lol)


It’s all completely biodegradable, coffee grounds and paper. How is that going to trash the oceans? Seems like you just want to rant…


Yes, better in landfills than the ocean. Or as you say, people could add it to compost. I fail to see what the big deal is.

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