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Canadian Firm Tiny Capital Invests in Aeropress Inc.


Aeropress Inventor Alan Adler with various prototypes and a finished product. 2017 Daily Coffee News file photo, courtesy of Aeropress.

Manual coffee brewer maker Aeropress Inc. has received an undisclosed investment from Canadian firm Tiny Capital.

A spokesperson for Palo Alto, California-based Aeropress (styled by the company as AeroPress) declined to disclose the amount of the investment, although the companies say founder and inventor Alan Adler is retaining a minority ownership stake while continuing to be involved in operations.

Adler, a Stanford mechanical engineering lecturer and inventor of the original Aerobie flying ring, has had a remarkable late career in the coffee industry since introducing the Aeropress at a Coffee Fest trade show in 2005.

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While the World Aeropress Championship, a separate venture, is returning this year, Aeropress Inc. in 2019 launched an ultra-compact version of the Aeropress with a carrying case called the Aeropress Go.

“Aeropress Go sales have exceeded our expectations, and we’re looking forward to growing them even further,” Aeropress Inc. Marketing Coordinator Constance Romero told DCN, adding that the investment from Tiny will be used in part for research and development of new products.

Based in Victoria, B.C., the Tiny firm has founded 11 small companies of its own, and it presently holds majority or minority investments in more than 70 small businesses, including many in the fields of digital design and technology.

Aeropress will maintain its headquarters in Palo Alto, while manufacturing will continue at its existing San Francisco Bay Area factory, according to the company.